Competitive real estate

Office market

Brussels is one of the most competitive cities for office space in Europe. Prime rentals in Brussels cost only about 20% as much as they do in London. The average rent for premium office space in Brussels is about €250 per square metre per year.

‘Prime rent’ represents the highest open market rent that could be expected for a notional office unit of the highest quality and specification in the best location in a market, as at the survey date.

The Leopold area, where the European institutions are located, is usually considered the top of the market. But there are several other prime areas in which to locate a business in Brussels.

Industrial market

In terms of industrial and warehouse areas, Brussels remains quite competitive compared with other European capitals.

Assistance and infrastructure available from the Brussels Regional Development Agency (BRDA)

The Brussels Regional Development Agency (BRDA) develops and manages industrial estates, science parks and other properties for business use.

These industrial estates and science parks are open to enterprises that fulfil certain criteria, especially in terms of workforce, added value and environmental value.

As a general rule, building plots on industrial estates and science parks are made available on long-term leases, while renovated buildings or enterprise modules are available for rent or for purchase. See list of BRDA sites.

The BRDA also maintains a database, called Inventimmo, which contains a free listing of the commercial real estate available for rent or sale in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is linked to the websites of most of the national and international real estate agencies which operate in the Brussels region.

Benchmark Prime Rents Office sector

Benchmark Prime Rents in the main business areas in Brussels

Benchmark Industrial market