Costs of living

Brussels ranked in top 15 for quality of life and Belgium among countries with lowest cost of living in Europe. A recent survey by Mercer Human Resources ranked Brussels among the top 15 European cities for quality of life. The Mercer survey rated Brussels as one of the most pleasant places to live on the European continent and also one of its most inexpensive cities.

The cost of living in Brussels is just under that of Honolulu in the US. The cost of living survey by Mercer Human Resources covered 144 cities around the world and measured the comparative cost of over 200 items. Among other findings, the survey concluded that the cost of renting a luxury apartment in Brussels was one third of that in London. Brussels remains more competitive than other major EU capitals like Paris, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, or Barcelona.

Transportation, food and other items were consistently less expensive in Brussels than in other major business centres in Europe. In fact, the survey concluded that Brussels was one of the least expensive capitals in Western Europe, not including the new member states of the EU. 

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