Centre of political and economic decision-making

One of the principal reasons for Brussels’ special status in the European economic sphere is that it is a centre of political decision-making.

The city is increasingly becoming a hub of international business. Lobbyists, international conferences (Brussels is, in fact, the 6th most chosen conference centre in Europe) and symposia are found here in abundance.

The high density of international businesses in Brussels can be further explained by the proximity of major EU capitals, superb transport and international travel links, a multilingual population and the high level of education that Belgian citizens receive.

Over 1,300 foreign companies are based in Brussels, including such household names as IBM, Toyota and Coca-Cola. Most of them use the city as either a Benelux or European HQ. Taking this into consideration, it is not surprising that a strong network of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has developed, catering to the needs of the global business community in the Capital of Europe.

“We have all these organisations that can be reached in Brussels - not just the European institutions but offices representing the German states and the British regions. All the different regions of Europe are present here. The great debate is happening in Brussels. If you want to be part of the debate, you have to be here.”

Louis Lafili, co-owner and senior partner of Lafili, Van Crombrugghe & Partners

The capital of Europe is the place to be! Why?

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