Brussels, Europe’s best choice for business tourism 03/04/17

Brussels, Europe’s best choice for business tourism

‘European Best Destinations’, the organisation responsible for promoting culture and tourism in Europe, puts Brussels firmly on first place as Europe’s best destination for congresses and conferences. The organisation finds that Brussels has the best Congress halls and a high quality of services on offer.

The city’s central location within Europe, the immense choice of top end hotels and the availability of high-tech facilities makes the perfect location for any event.

Brussels’ success evolved gradually from a normal capital city to the small country that Belgium is, to housing most of Europe’s EU institutions and many other international entities such as NATO and the second largest lobby centre. All of these together also attracted a large body of journalists.

Due to these factors and an extremely efficient transport link to any major European city by high-speed train or airplane, Brussels’ vast infrastructure of congress and event space, next to the necessary sleeping and other accommodations gradually expanded, with great attention for modern needs, within the fabric of Brussels’ business life.

Brussels, as a modern city, also provides in all types of extracurricular activities, shops, bars and restaurants to relax the mind after a long day of meetings and networking sessions what makes the city even more interesting to choose as any type of travelling destination!

Source: BI&E communications dept.

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