Brussels launches digital skills fund 06/11/17

The Belgian Federal Government has launched the Digital Belgium Skills Fund aimed at giving young people – in particular youngsters with disadvantaged backgrounds – the chance to develop their digital skills. 

The fund has a budget of €18 million, to be invested in projects over the next three years. These projects, which will be selected by the King Boudewijn Foundation, will provide digital training to people under the age of 30, with priority given to vulnerable groups. 

An initial funding of €5.5 million has already been allocated for 42 projects. Initial beneficiaries include the Brussels-based BeCode school and the Digital Leadership Institute. 

Every project selected is eligible to receive financial support of between €50,000 and €500,000. The first projects to be considered for funding are designed to teach participants basic coding and online security, but projects focusing on more complex skills will also receive support. 

Source: L’Echo

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