Newest concept: Brussels Foreign Investors Hub 23/03/17

Newest concept: Brussels Foreign Investors Hub

The Brussels Foreign Investors Hub: Brussels’ brand new incubator for foreign investors

This afternoon, the Brussels Foreign Investors Hub was inaugurated by Mrs Cécile Jodogne, Brussels Secretary of State for International Trade and Mrs Bénédicte Wilders, Chief Executive Director of Brussels Invest & Export. Also present were some 60 representatives of several chambers of commerce, embassies and foreign delegates.

The space is located in the building that from now on houses the service providers towards Brussels enterprises (Brussels Invest & Export,, and Innoviris). A new formula was written for the previous incubator system: ‘Welcome Pack’. Totally free of charge and for a period up to 3 months, interested foreign businesses can make use of temporary offices to test the Brussels market and take advantage of receiving useful advice on how to set up a subsidiary in Brussels.

“Attracting foreign investments on Brussels’ soil is essential to the Region’s economy. An important vector for innovation, employment and economic growth,” states Mrs Jodogne. About a hundred foreign businesses have used this service during the last 20-odd years. The European Union provided over 60% of them but the top three at the moment are Spain, France and China.

The Brussels Foreign Investors Hub didn’t only receive a new name and logo, the whole structure has also been renewed: separate office spaces have been replaced by a co-working-space, the desk space capacity went up to 12 places and all of these now have been integrated into the offices of Brussels Invest & Export. Foreign investors also will find that the proximity of the other service providers towards enterprises proves very facilitating when approaching the market.

Mrs Bénédicte Wilders also emphasises that this was a necessary development : “The incubator was conceived in 2005 within the Brussels Enterprise Agency (now in ‘Tour & Taxis’ and expanded when transferred to Brussels Invest & Export situated at the end of Avenue Louise. Today, everything has been grouped into the building in 112 Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060 Brussels.”

Three businesses are currently benefitting this service: - Ascaudit, French group specialised in buildings and infrastructure - Sacchi Consulting, Italian consultancy company - Visavis, Indian industrial design enterprise

Press contacts: Gaëlle Appelmans, Press Attaché for Secretary of State, Cécile Jodogne - 0479.27.66.40 Florence Ortmans, Press Attaché for Brussel Invest & Export - 0494.57.62.80

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