The restaurant chain ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ returns to its roots. 31/03/17

These days ‘Le Pain Quotindien’ has become a worldwide imperium. They can be found in just about every big city around the world.

Now, the group is looking back to its roots as they want to anchor somewhere and build their official European headquarters. Brussels is the city of choice, the ‘Tour & Taxis’ complex is the place to be. Not only will you find the offices here! The group also plans a training centre and a restaurant on the site.

Business is booming. The group has worldwide big plans. The biggest plans are to be found in Latin America and Asia. Some 34 restaurants should open their doors this year. Last year the group had a turnover of $ 367mio (about $ 30mio profit) and for this year they already foresee a turnover of ca. $ 410mio.

Fun element: ‘Smartphone in the Box’. A concept where you put your smartphone in a sealed box at the beginning of your meal. That way you can’t be distracted by the thing, your social skills at the table improve and … you can truly enjoy!

Source: De Tijd / BI&E communications dept.

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